little boy blue is innocent!

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Bwahaha. Oh man. Mystique is ebil. She keeps pointing out to me that is available, and I'm like "RAVEN. NO."

But then she's all seductive at me and asjk.dhaldfjhlsgjh.


*le sigh* I hate it when they get insistent like that ;)
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Purple Haze

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This is a GIP. And a Big. Huge. Massive. Thank You to Jory! Who rocks the casabah! And also rocks like a hurricane, eh. Yay for purple hair!!
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wouldn't it be a lovely headline?

I <3 A'dam

So you'll have to excuse the frankly terrible angle and lighting in this picture, because my dad took it and I wouldn't tell him why. But anyway, here we go, one of the many wonders of Holland...

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